is a pioneering joint venture between Elaph Media Plc, known for its strong

media presence, and Virtual Minds Ltd., revered for its exceptional technology capabilities.


Harnessing the strengths of both partners, we strive to revolutionize the media landscape by

infusing it with transformative AI solutions.


Our unique edge lies in our ability to rapidly develop and deploy creative technological

solutions, even in the face of a rapidly changing environment. We understand the ebb and

flow of the digital world and use this knowledge to stay ahead of the curve, creating tailored

solutions that resonate with our users’ needs and preferences.


Our innovative products and services blend AI’s analytical capabilities with the dynamicnature of media, offering customizable news services, voice-based interfaces, personalized

learning experiences, credibility checks, and much more. We are continually evolving,

learning, and growing, ensuring we remain at the forefront of the AI and media revolution.


At, we don’t just adapt to change – we anticipate it, we drive it, we thrive on it.

Our mission is to reshape the global media landscape, empowering users with personalized,

accessible, and credible content. Our vision is to define the future of news consumption,

ensuring that with every evolution, we are ready to meet the needs of our users, maintaining

their trust and enhancing their experience.



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